Schwartz & Co - Strategy Consulting

Who are we?

Schwartz and Co was founded to provide the stakeholders of energy, water and transport sectors – all capital intensive industries and at the core of worldwide resources management – with consulting services characterised by their strong focus on business content.

We help our clients to define pragmatic strategies that address their economic, financial, environmental, regulatory and social challenges.

We work closely alongside our clients to efficiently implement these strategies and to help them to achieve positive results in a rapidly changing business environment.

We use our industry expertise to design balanced market and regulatory models.

We provide our clients with high added value through:

  • Our deep understanding of the business drivers and fundamentals of each industry sector
  • Our team : consultants and experts specialized in each of the sectors in which we work, speaking the same language as our customers, listening to them, enthusiastic about their mission and able to formulate solutions suited to our clients’ ambitions and issues
  • Our methodologies and tools for strategic analysis, such as: market analysis, scenario creation and analysis, econometric and financial modelling, price modelling, international benchmarking, risk assessment and mitigation

Since our creation in 2009, we have carried out more than 350 high value added consulting assignments for more than 70 clients in 10 countries.